Puri Esthetic Spa

Spa Puri Esthetic offers a choice of quality body and beauty rituals in attractive treatment rooms and a modern salon. Ancient healing traditions and contemporary therapies.


Traditional Balinese Massage  ( 60 Minutes ) IDR 420.000  ( 90 Minutes )    IDR 560.000 Reservation

Enjoy our authentic traditional Balinese massage starting with flower foot bath, and fill the gentle touch relaxing massage over your body with scented aromatherapy oil. This treatment will release the pain of your body and relax your muscle tension.


Puri Esthetic Massage ( 60 Minutes )  IDR 560.000  ( 90 Minutes )    IDR 700.000 Reservation

Perfect Combination Shiatsu, Balinese massage, Thai massage and Swedish technic with our selection aromatherapy oil.

Shiatsu ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 420.000

Shiatsu will promote and maintain body health. The technique is stretching, holding, leaning body weight into various points.

Ayurveda ( 60 Minutes )    IDR  700.000  Reservation

Ayurveda famous healing treatment from India. We combine Balinese Massage and Shirodhara treatment starts with flower foot bath,  Balinese massage with medicated oil.

Herbal Pack Massage ( 90 Minutes )      IDR 700.000 Reservation

Selected herb which is commonly used for traditional medicine, wrapped into the pouch, steamed and gentle compressed to the body, body massage. This treatment will alleviate pain, and relax the muscle.

Warm Stone Massage ( 90 Minutes )    IDR 700.000 Reservation

The healing use steam volcanic stone.This therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases metabolism circulation.

Neck and shoulder ( 30 Minutes )    IDR 210.000 Reservation

Massage with the selection of aromatherapy for your headline and neckline for better blood circulation and release your muscle tension.

Reflexology ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 350.000 Reservation

Pressure point and massage for your feet  which can reflex area of internal organ and give effect for better lymph and blood circulation. Restore the function of the body and also give the deep relaxing effect.

Soul Reflexology    ( 90 Minutes )    IDR 560.000 Reservation

Soul Reflexology is combination of Balinese massage focus to the feet, shoulder, and hand, will relaxing your body and mind.


Manicure    ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 350.000 Reservation

Pampering your nail start with light massage,  cuticle stimulation, Nail Shape, and polish.

Pedicure    ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 450.000 Reservation

Pampering your nail start from Foot wash, light massage,  cuticle stimulation, Nail Shape, and polish.

Traditional Facial    ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 450.000 Reservation

Start with cleansing, peeling, washing, face massage, face mask, cleansing, moisturizing skin finished with light shoulder and neck line massage.

Creambath    ( 60 Minutes )    IDR 450.000 Reservation

Hair Scalp treatment will pamper and revitalize your hair. Start with hair wash, scalp massage, steaming, shoulder and hand massage,  wash, dry and finished with hair tonic.

Herbal Ratus ( 30 Minutes )    IDR 200.000 Reservation

This treatment dedicated for women only. The Herbal Ratus fogging it is great for antibacterial and anti-fungal aid, tightening the V area.


Relaxation Treatment    ( 150 Minutes )    IDR 1.050.000 Reservation

Deeply relaxation starts with Foot flower bath, Balinese massage, facial and foot massage.

Puri Esthetic Ritual    ( 150 Minutes )    IDR 1.050.000 Reservation

Flower foot bath, Balinese Massage, body scrub, body mask and flower bath.

The Royal    ( 180 Minutes )    IDR 1.190.000 Reservation

Flower foot bath, Balinese Massage, body scrub, body mask, flower bath, and facial.

Puri Esthetic Salon Package ( 180 Minutes )     IDR 1.190.000 Reservation

Facial, Manicure, pedicure, cream bath, ginger tea & fresh fruit.

Luxury Dream Package   ( 300 Minutes )    IDR 2.240.000 Reservation

Pamper your body and mind with Long journey treatment start with PE Massage, body scrub, flower bath, facial, manicure, pedicure, cream bath. Finish with a meal (Lunch or Dinner)

All prices in Indonesian Rupiah and are subject to 21% government tax and service charge